Pasta Ortaggio

This is a branding and print concept for Pasta Ortaggio, an all vegan Italian restaurant. Aside from the creation of the logo, the client asked for designs for their print media, including menus and sign-age.  Above all else, the client wanted two concepts expressed through the designs: vegetarian restaurant and authentic, rustic Italian meals. With that in mind, the menus were designed on recycled kraft cardstock . This provides a tactility and aesthetic that is reminiscent small Italian village restaurant. The woodcut style illustrations used give the sense that the menus were handmade and pressed. The use of only black and white inks also lend to this idea. To express the idea of vegan dining, different vegetables used in Italian cooking were placed, in an aesthetically pleasing way, throughout the menu. An image of Ferdinand The Bull, the fictitious fighting bull who refused to fight, was also used in the menu, the express the idea of animal compassion.

The logo was created by juxtaposing a woodcut illustration of a bulb of garlic, an olive wreath, and a banner with hand lettered text. As ortaggio means vegetable in Italian, the garlic bulb was made the central focus of the logo - to highlight a vegetable paramount in Italian cuisine. Again, the woodcut illustrations give the feel of handmade and authenticity. For sign-age, the logo was printed on a weathered white wood board. This further conveyed the image of rustic handmade.

Pasta Ortaggio print design by CM Graphic Design
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