Urban Native Youth Association

UNYA web design by CM Graphic Design

Urban Native Youth Association (UNYA) is a non-profit organization based in the downtown eastside of Vancouver. With a mandate to provide outreach and resources for first nation youth, facing discrimination and poverty, UNYA has a program called "Mentorship" that pairs a youth with an older member of the community. The aim of the program is for the youth and mentor to meet up at least once a week, and the mentor will provide guidance, unconditional positive regard, friendship and outreach to the youth. UNYA asked for a design for a web based advertisement targeted to potential volunteers for the Mentorship program. With that in mind, CM Graphic Design created a visually striking concept that uses a  Jenga game to symbolize the youth's life. With every piece of the Jenga puzzle having an aspect of the youth's life beveled into it (ie. school, parents, friendship etc.), the image serves to metaphorically indicate that the next move the youth makes could gravely affect their life. The call to action asks the potential volunteer help the youth make their next move. The image uses a clever and sensitive way to convey a difficult message.

UNYA web design by CM Graphic Design
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