Wedding Design

Wedding print design by CM Graphic Design

CM Graphic Design was asked to design invitations and wine labels for a private wedding. The wedding was being held outdoors, on a private estate, and was thematically described as "vintage garden party". The couple's taste was mid-century charm and elegance with a modern, clean sensibility. There are numerous gardens on the property hosting the wedding, all of which growing hydrangea flowers. It was this that influenced the idea that the hydrangea flower would be a central theme on the wedding invitation.   The wedding's theme colors were burgundy and champagne. The hydrangeas on the invitation were all, therefore, colored a shade of burgundy, and the background was colored champagne.

The flowers were given a monochromatic color scheme because it was reminiscent of mid century print media. It also provided a cohesive cleanliness that was appropriate for the style. The font chosen was Avenir (light), a modern take of the vintage "Futura" typeface. Avenir is light, clean, and has an aesthetic that is both vintage and contemporary.

The Invitations contain rectangles inside rectangles, both white and champagne. This is a clean way of providing depth, as some of the flowers are behind and in front of the different rectangles. The rectangle in the foreground is also opaque, further adding dimension.

The ampersand between "Cait" and "Carl" was hand lettered and vectorized. It serves as a sort of branding for the wedding. The idea of using the ampersand as branding is used to symbolize the word "and" as the joining of two people as a single entity through marriage. The ampersand is burgundy on the invitations and champagne of the wine labels.

On the wine labels, Avenir is again used as the typeface to create the same effect as on the invitations. A fern plant is used on the label, as it is another prominent plant on the wedding venue. A woodcut print illustration of a fern is used to create a vintage feel, as the intertwining of the fern and type creates depth and dimension.

Wedding print design by CM Graphic Design
Wedding print design by CM Graphic Design
Wedding print design by CM Graphic Design
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